People value Bitcoin. That’s why they are valuable. According to Austrian economics, all value is subjective.

Some of the reasons why people value Bitcoin:

  • Digital Scarcity: No more than 21 million Bitcoin will ever exist. Unlike traditional currencies that can be printed out of thin air by central banks, Bitcoin has a predetermined and finite supply.
  • Trust-less: Anyone can verify their Bitcoin or any transaction on the network. No need to trust anyone.
  • Secure: Cryptographic security measures provide trust to Bitcoin and all its transactions. Multiple competing interests balance Bitcoin’s security architecture with checks and balances. Cryptography also makes manipulation of Bitcoin’s supply, by counterfeit, impossible.
  • Open source: Anyone can view the software code and verify that Bitcoin’s protocol rules are being enforced.
  • Always open: The Bitcoin network runs all the time, 24/7/365.
  • Proven track record: 14 years of proven security with 99.99% uptime. Trillions of dollars of value have been exchanged through the Bitcoin network, averaging $260,000 per second.
  • Decentralization: No single person, company, government or central bank controls Bitcoin. It operates on a decentralized network of nodes distributed around the world. This ensures that no one has unilateral control over the currency.
  • Permission-less: Bitcoin can be used by anyone, anywhere and for any reason. No identification needed!
  • Strong developers: Some of the best software developers in the world help to maintain the Bitcoin software.
  • Computing power: The world’s most powerful computer network validates the transactions.
  • Cross border payments: Send value anywhere in the world, in a short time and for little expense.
  • Un-confiscatable: Due to Bitcoin being completely digital, you can carry all your Bitcoin with you, no matter where you go and it can’t be confiscated by any government agency or stolen by another individual. All you have to do is remember your 12 word seed and you can re-create your signing device.
  • Network Effects: As more people adopt and use bitcoin, the network effect comes into play. The larger the user base and network of participants, the more valuable and useful bitcoin becomes. The network effect enhances liquidity, ease of transactions, confidence and overall acceptance.
  • Anonymous founder: The creator of Bitcoin disappeared. They cannot control the Bitcoin network and they can not be influenced.
  • Bitcoin is Gold 2.0

    Bitcoin is like Gold, but better.

    Gold 2.0: Like gold, Bitcoin holds its value over time. But unlike gold, Bitcoin can be sent easily and economically anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Bitcoin is also censorship resistant and can’t be confiscated.

  • Very low maintenance, storage and security costs: Unlike real estate, gold, artwork and diamonds, Bitcoin is easy to store and secure with virtually no maintenance costs.
  • Scalable: Through the Lightening network, Bitcoin can handle millions of transactions per second.
  • Number Go Up (NGU): Bitcoin has a remarkable financial history. It is the best performing financial asset over 1 year, 5 years and 10 years (as of 2023). NGU technology is usually the first reason people get excited about Bitcoin!