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Having grown up in Greece, I’ve seen how governments steal from their people through inflation and currency debasement. Recently, I’ve been denied access to my money for 2 years through capital controls. With Mark’s patient guidance, he got me into Bitcoin and in a position where my assets are non-confiscatable by the government, or anyone else.

Linda K., Boulder, CO, USA

I wish I had taken Mark’s advice in 2013 when he first told me about Bitcoin. But better late than never! He walked me through my first Bitcoin purchase in 2017 and then helped me become self-sufficient with a multi-signature wallet for ultimate security and peace of mind.

I.W., Ottawa, ON, Canada

As a former programmer, I immediately saw the beauty and logic of Bitcoin as the perfect “hard money” after getting a free consultation from Mark. Now, I am a proud Bitcoin maximalist – HODLing my savings for an uncertain future.

Kat A., Boston, MA, USA

I see Bitcoin as the future: decentralized and leaderless, and yet serving humanity’s evolution. I wanted to give some to my granddaughter, whom I also see as a hope for the future. Mark helped me to set up recurring buys of Bitcoin which will then automatically pass to my granddaughter when I pass.

Leigh F., Naples, FL, USA

I highly recommend the service provided by Mark as my Bitcoin consultant. I’m in the medical service industry and freedom is very important to me. Bitcoin helps me feel secure and safe with a portion of my wealth that I plan to pass on to my children.

G. V., Montreal, QC, Canada

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What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin White paper, published in 2008, is the blueprint for how the Bitcoin network operates.

Get the information you need:

  • How do miners work? What are blocks and how do they get created? What is a blockchain?

  • Who owns the Bitcoin network? Who operates it?

  • How is the 21 million Bitcoin limit set and maintained?

A smart and secure way to invest in Bitcoin

For the average investor, dollar cost averaging (DCA) is the easiest and most painless way to own Bitcoin.


Millionaires in the World

There are 50 million US Dollar millionaires in the world. Only 21 million Bitcoin will be created. There are not enough Bitcoin for every millionaire to have one Bitcoin. Do the math!


Bitcoins Currently Mined

More than 92% of all Bitcoins that ever will be created have already been mined (more than 19 million). Only in the year 2140 will the last Bitcoin be mined.


We have Bitcoin solutions for every budget, for every stage of life and for every type of organization that wants to own Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallets & Cold storage

Every serious HODLER (holder) of Bitcoin needs their own wallet.

  • Private keys are what control your Bitcoin. Wallets provide a safe place to store your keys.

  • Not your keys, not your Bitcoin!

Investment in Bitcoin funds

There are other ways to gain exposure to the benefits of Bitcoin.

  • Equity instruments such as closed end funds and ETFs are other ways to get easy and fast possession of Bitcoin.

  • Derivatives of Bitcoin’s underlying network are another way for corporations to leverage Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wealth Management

Managing the risks and rewards of Bitcoin present a wide range of opportunities and hazards.

  • Being your own bank gives you great power which requires great responsibility.

  • Freedom is at the heart of the Bitcoin network – freedom from and freedom for.

Solving society’s biggest problems

Bitcoin tackles the problems created by a lack of trust in our financial institutions, the growing threats to personal freedom and the challenges of living with inflation.

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